Purchase of photos from photobanks

The purchase of photos from photobanks is an affordable way to get licensed graphics and photo content if you do not have the time or opportunity to hold a photo session for the presentation of your services or products. Photobank is an online resource or in other words “virtual bank” of photos, drawings, slides, GIF-images, videos, where you can find high-quality images of any subject.

The purchase of photos from photobanks is relevant for the design of articles, presentation materials, booklets and other promotional products, posts in social networks and posting on websites. The purchase of photos from photobanks may be just a temporary measure, for example, you launch the company`s website or online store but the rent of a photo studio and the organization of a professional photo shoot requires financial investments and time that you do not have at the moment. You can start with images from photobanks and later place your unique photo content on a website or blog. There are a few types of websites – traditional and micropayment (or microstock). A traditional photo bank works with licenses of “Right Managed”, “Exclusive Buyout” and others, which provide exclusive conditions for the sale of photographs and even the purchase of all rights to the image. Microstock photobanks provide low-cost images on a non-exclusive basis using licenses such as “Royalty Free”, etc. Buying photos on a photobank allows you to have the necessary licensed graphic content, both temporarily and permanently, with placement on your company’s logo images.

Webstudio JUMP.Team provides services connected with the purchase of photos on photobanks on a turn-key basis. Our specialists, who have over 9 years of experience guarantee the quality of the performed work and project`s conformance with the current tendencies. The collaboration with JUMP.Team – it`s you online in orbit of a successful business.


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