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Bitrix24 - business
process automation
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) designed to simplify the interaction with customers or clients to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service.

Web Studio JUMP.team is an official partner of Bitrix24. We will help you select, purchase and register the best tariff for your industry and integrate it into your website. Bitrix24 has great functionality that will help your company and employees work more productively, faster.
Bitrix24 Helps Sell More
Bitrix24 is a powerful tool for automating business processes that helps organize teamwork in a company and improve the relationship between departments and employees.
Bitrix24 includes wide functionality: CRM, Office-online, Tasks-projects, Contact center, integration with social networks, e-mail and instant messengers.
Also, Bitrix24 has integration with such popular services as Ringostat, JivoSite, Binotel , which are widely used on most sites.
Bitrix24.CRM - Bitrix24 Helps Sell More  - Jump.team
Bitrix24 - automation of business processes
Bitrix24 comes in two versions, "cloud" and "box." The first option involves a monthly payment, which depends on the selected tariff and functionality. "Box" is a copy of the cloud version of Bitrix24 and even more that can be installed on your server.
The system allows you to work together on tasks and projects from any device.
Due to the large amount of functionality - No potential customers will be lost!
Bitrix24.CRM -  Bitrix24 - automation of business processes  - Jump.team
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