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Search advertising (AdWords)

Search advertising is a type of Internet advertising that is shown to visitors whose interests correspond to the topic of the advertised services or goods. Advertisements are more likely to be shown to those users, who were previously looking for information about similar products or services since contextual advertising is focused on the principle of keywords.
Tell your target audience about your business
Advertisements shown in the result of the search are called search advertising. Google AdWords (starting July 2018 – Google Ads) – is a service of search advertising from Google. Text or banner ads may appear above search results, to the side of them or below them. Search advertising on Google has many useful tools for creating effective advertising messages. For example, you can choose your targeted audience, location (geo-targeting) you are interested in, language, demographic indicators (age group, men or women), advertising display time, choice of keywords for which advertisements will be displayed in search results, etc
Search advertising (AdWords) -  Tell your target audience about your business  - Jump.team
Advertising is the engine of commerce
Search advertising on Google is paid per click – the less you pay per click, the lower your ad will appear in the search results. The payment for click is a dynamic rate that is varied depending on the rating of keywords and competitiveness. Another advantage of Google Adwords is a remarketing function or re-appeal to the audience (reminders about yourself). For example, if the user previously visited your company`s website (and performed any action there, like a purchase, searched in sections), then your advertisements will appear when they visit other sites on the Google Ads content network (for example, ads may appear on YouTube, Gmail, etc.). Search advertising on Google is an integral step of the complex promotion of the site. To make Google Ads advertising the most effective for your company, it is recommended to attract specialists to work with the settings of advertisements.
Search advertising (AdWords) -  Advertising is the engine of commerce  - Jump.team
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Web studio JUMP.Team performs professional creation and setting of search advertising in Google (AdWords) on a turn-key basis. Our specialists, who have over 9 years of experience guarantee the quality of the performed work and project`s conformance with the current tendencies. The collaboration with JUMP.Team – it`s you online in orbit of a successful business.
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