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HTML letters design is the development of the messages in the HTML format that are used in e-mail newsletters. E-mail newsletter is one of the most effective tools of Internet-marketing and helps to increase the loyalty of your customers, maintaining their interest in the services or products of your company and the growth of repeat sales.
Unlike spam, e-mail newsletters are addressed to the subscribers from the company’s client database (and if the customer considers such messages intrusive, he always has a chance to unsubscribe from it). The design of the HTML letters is the main stage in the preparation of the promotional e-mail newsletters. It`s important that when opening such letters from different browsers or e-mail clients, errors did not take off; the text and graphic elements did not “slide apart”. We also don`t recommend to use too many fonts in such letters. The creation of HTML letters design is oriented on the simplicity of the visual concept which is to make a message clear and readable and key points are expressive.
HTML-letters design - Jump.team
For example, it`s necessary to pay attention to the target button design that allows the customer to perform a certain action, such as to go to the product page with the possibility of quick purchase. This button should be noticeable and have capacious text of several words so that the customer understand what will happen in case you press this button. Personified letters have information that can interest a particular customer (for example, informing that a product purchased earlier is currently under discount, etc.) has a very positive effect. The development of the HTML letters design may differ depending on their purpose. There are newsletters that inform clients about current promotional offers or updates on the news from the life of the company (new store or representative offices opening) or that can be letters in the form of an online survey to increase the quality of the services, advertising, and other informational messages.
HTML-letters design - Jump.team
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JUMP.Team web studio performs professional creation of the HTML letters design on a turn-key basis. Our designers and web developers with over 9 years of experience guarantee the quality of the performed work and project compliance with current trends.

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