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Ringostat is an ecosystem that combines marketing and sales. Get data on ROI, conversions and calls in a single interface. The Ringostat ecosystem includes end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback widget, virtual telephone exchange, analytic assistant sales manager and a smartphone in the browser. This is the official partner of Google Analytics.

Platform to boost your marketing and sales
More than 20 integrations with popular CRM, analytics systems, advertising panels and other tools will allow you to create a single ecosystem for a business in a few clicks.
The service combines must have tools for analytics and communication. Easily adapts to the urgent tasks and needs of any business, thanks to flexible settings for incoming, outgoing communications and reports. Smart algorithms for changing and counting the required number of numbers, collecting data about site visitors and other tools maintain the accuracy of Ringostat statistics at 96%. And the stability and reliability of the service is provided by backup servers and telecom operators.
Ringostat - Platform to boost  your marketing and sales - Jump.team
Ringostat Tools
Call tracking: Discover which ads drive calls from customers
Ringostat Messenger: Process requests from different messengers in one window
Virtual PBX 2.0: Provide your office with multifunctional telephony in one day
Callback: Receive more requests from the existing traffic
End-to-end analytics: Analyze based on ROI the cost recovery of investments in each ad channel
Ringostat Smart Phone: Use the "intelligent" in-browser phone with quick access to the CRM
Ringostat Insider: Increase conversion to sales due to valuable insights on customers
Ringostat - Ringostat Tools  - Jump.team
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JUMP.team is a partner of Ringostat and integrates system tools with the Customer’s website. We will help you choose the best solution for your site, depending on the scope of your activity and business orientation.

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