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Translation of texts

The process of translation of texts is the interpretation of the original text and the creation of its equivalent in another language. Specialists, who perform the translations into foreign languages are called translators. Many factors can affect the quality and difficulty of the translation, such as a type of the text, peculiarities of the written and oral speech, idioms and slang, context, how accurate is the content of the original, further use of the translated text and others.
Nowadays the translation into foreign languages is very demanded due to the expansion of communicative borders, the attraction of foreign partners and customers, the globalization of the economy, the development of tourism and many other factors. One of the main indicators of the text translation is accuracy and authenticity, that is, how accurate is the meaning of the source. There are a few main types of translation and the choice of the most suitable is based on the purpose of the translation (for what purpose and how the translated text will be used in the future) and the type of source text. For example, one of the most “shoddiest” types of translation is a word for word translation of texts into foreign languages. In this case, little attention is paid to the figures of speech, the context can be lost and the content is distorted. A word for word translation can be just a “draft” for further revision by professional editors. Technical translation is used to work with scientific articles, technical documentation, instructions and descriptions of goods, reference books and textbooks. The main requirement for technical translation is accuracy and full compliance with the standards adopted for the execution of technical documentation.
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Translation of legal documents requires considerable experience in this area, perfect possession of complex and intricate legal formulations, the ability not to distort the meaning of intricate expressions and knowledge in the field of law. Literary translation of texts into foreign languages is a reproduction of a work written in one language by means of another language. This type of translation involves the complete preservation of the meaning of the original and compliance with the norms of the literary language, the use of necessary figures of speech, following the style of the original. In order to perform high-quality translation of texts into foreign languages, it is recommended to contact professional translators with industry-specific education (faculties of foreign languages) and considerable experience in this field.
We perform the translation of the texts into the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian,
French, Italian, German, Spanish, Romanian,
Greek, Chinese.
Translation of texts - Jump.team
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Webstudio JUMP.Team performs professional translations into foreign languages on turnkey basis. Our translators, who have over 9 years of experience guarantee the quality of the performed work and project`s conformance with the current tendencies. The collaboration with JUMP.Team – it`s you online in orbit of a successful business.
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