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The JUMP.team web studio specialists provide professional technical and information support for sites and online stores. Technical support of the site is aimed at maintaining the serviceability of the site and hosting, updating and adding information. The cost of technical support for the site depends on the amount and complexity of the monthly work. In this case, you don’t need to hire an individual employee and pay him a salary, because the “technical support of the site” from JUMP.team allows you to save money and get high-quality services that will be provided by qualified specialists. 
Monitoring the stability of your site
After launching the site, a logical question appears: "What to do next and who will deal with the site?" A well-known solution is to appoint a system administrator or company secretary and entrust him the work that they have never done before and that lack certain knowledge and qualifications. At the same time, a good system administrator does not mean that he is also good at what he is instructed to carry out on the site. In practice, such a decision leads to the fact that employees must be distracted from their direct responsibilities and do not perform the assigned new tasks properly. It leads to various crashes, breakdowns and problems on the site. For a qualified solution to this issue, saving the time of your employees, the service "Technical and information support of the site" was created.
Website Support - Monitoring the stability of your site  - Jump.team
Site maintenance is the control of the stability of the site and hosting work. If problems are found, JUMP.team employees take all measures to resolve such situations quickly and make every effort to restore the site and hosting as quickly as possible. The time spent by a specialist in solving certain problems affects the cost of maintaining the site. In addition, the amount, complexity and frequency of such work is taken into account. Various crashes and technical problems can lead to incorrect loading of the site pages, 404 errors, violation of the feedback forms, the site drops out of the search, the complete removal of the site from the hosting, etc.
Website Support - Jump.team
Entrust your website to professionals
- Monitoring and resolving issues with the serviceability of the site, hosting and server
- Creating backup copies of the site and restoring it in case of necessity
- Updating CMS and plugins - adding various kinds of information to the site (banner, sliders, news, photo reports, feedback forms, adding of products, changing in prices and other works related to site content)
- SSL Certificate Update
- Monitoring the domain/hosting delegation term and its payment
- Consultations regarding the serviceability of the site and hosting
Website Support - Entrust your website to professionals - Jump.team
With JUMP.team Your Site
in orbit of a successful business
JUMP.team provides professional and comprehensive technical and informational support for sites and online stores of any complexity (Laravel, Yii2, Opencart, Wordpress).
Even if your project does not provide for constant and frequent updating of information, this does not mean that it can do without professional support and support.
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